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The feeling of having The Biltmore Estate all to yourself lights an internal regal feeling that made this engagement session literally everything I’ve lived for. lol. No but really, I think we only say maybe a handful of visitors who were there to only see the sunset.

How they met

Sara and Noah first met at a party in college in the fall of 2016. He was going to UNCG and at the time she was at High Point University. They caught each others eyes in passing and continued to look at each other through the night. Noah finally went over and asked her to dance and after dancing for only a little bit they went separate ways. They continued to look at each other across the dance floor when eventually he and one of his friends came back over Sara and her friends. Casual conversation like normal but his friend, Austin, was talking him up a little more than a normal person. Austin was telling her that he was going to go work for NASA and that he was going to be an astrophysicist. They then started dancing some more and he actually kissed her on the cheek (apparently there’s a video). Before the night was over she decided to give him her number. And the rest was history lol

How he proposed

Noah planned the perfect proposal and every guy reading this should take notes. Noah popped the question at one of their favorite places in Asheville, The Biltmore. Both of their families have annual passes. They had been planning for a while to go with their parents to do the rooftop tour. Did you know they even had those? I didn’t either, lol.

They tried to plan the trip multiple times and something always came up, but when they finally got a date nailed down Sara was so excited to the point where she was just hoping they would make it considering how long it took them to figure out a date. Noah was hell-bent on getting the tickets for the tour. She insisted that it wasn’t a big deal if they don’t get them, then they could come back another day.

Noah and Sara had talked about getting married for a while and they both knew they wanted to. She had bugged him about it so much and he always told her it would be 6 months to a year before they would get engaged due to financial reasons and her graduation. As hard as it was she had finally accepted it would be a while before that happened.

Being the planner girlfriend that she was (I have a feeling she’s a type 1 on the enneagram), she was constantly telling him what the perfect day to get engaged would look like. She said in the car on the way to the Biltmore she mentioned to him that “for future reference, a day like today would be perfect for a proposal.” Still don’t know how he held it together, but sure enough he did.

They arrived and socialized with everyone for a bit and proceeded to the tour. As they were meeting with the tour guide, 10 minutes early (as instructed), Sara started to notice that nobody else was showing up for their tour time. The tour guide (who was in on the proposal) then told them that they were gonna get started that we can’t wait on anyone who is late.

Sara very excitedly burst out “private tour!!!!” A fact that everyone else already knew…. because they bought out the entire tour for Sara and Noah to have a private proposal. About halfway through the tour on the front rooftop, Noah asked Sara to take a picture with him and she said well of course, she was planning on it anyways. As they were taking a picture he looked her in the eyes, and from that moment she said everything went black (why does that happen so often? lol). But, she obviously said yes! She was totally shocked and said “by far one of the best moments in my life!”

WHAT A DREAM PROPOSAL! We of course had to do their engagement session at the Biltmore!

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