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Remember the mini-session giveaway I did during my #HYPwebsiteandbrandlaunch? If you don’t, you can catch up here. The last giveaway of my launch week was a couples mini-session and each entry had to email their story and why they wanted to win. Taylor and Johnathan were the lucky winners!! And y’all their story truly touched my heart, I’m so glad they won because they truly deserved it!


How They Met

Taylor and Johnathan met in middle school and the first time Johnathan ever approached Taylor was in the 7th grade during lunch period. He went up to her and randomly asked who she was “going out with”. When she told him who, he looked at her kind of crazy, and simply said, “Oh! Okay!”  and they didn’t talk again until the following year.

Johnathan’s family moved near Taylor’s neighborhood that year, which meant they rode the same school bus! One of the first few days of 8th grade, Johnathan approached her about who would be captains of the girls basketball team that year. When she told him that she would be a captain, he disagreed and said one of his friends would get it over her, and of course they argued over it. Little did Taylor know, this was him, “flirting” (side note, Taylor won captain lol!). He played on the football team and was teammates with Taylor’s “boyfriend” at the time.

The following week, he wrote her a note asking if she would be his girlfriend, but she simply declined because she had a boyfriend. Even though she denied him, he didn’t give up. Because of that they developed the best friendship. They would talk on the phone all day, every day, on the weekends and school nights when they would get home from their sports practices. Oh, their poor parents having to deal with their crazy phone bills before minutes were free – I know I used to get in trouble with calling after 9PM!

Taylor suddenly knew she was catching feelings for him and so she talked to her mom about him and how she was torn between her boyfriend then (who she barley talked to…) and Johnathan. Her mom simply said, “Taylor, you love Johnathan. Don’t you?” of course, Taylor was freaked out over the “L” word, who wouldn’t be in middle school?! But then she broke down in tears because she was right.

It took about 2 weeks for her to get the courage to break up with her then boyfriend, so she could come clean to Johnathan about how she was feeling. He got on the bus one morning and she simply said, “I’m breaking up with (he who shall not be named)!” He asked why, and Taylor said, “because I’m in love with you!” Taylor and Johnathan started dating that following day, (yes the day after she broke up with her boyfriend) and they have been crazy about each other ever since.



How He Proposed

It was two days after Valentine’s Day, Thursday, Feb 16, 2017! Johnathan was going to wait to do this big proposal on that Friday but got too anxious and nervous, so he decided to just wing it. He went out to run some errands once Taylor got home from work. She was with the kids and her best friend, Amanda! He came home with dinner from Chick Fil A and told her to go eat my food while he fed the kids. She went over to the table and started grubbing on some French fries and then noticed a box in my bag. She said, “what is this!!?” and as she opened it she started bawling and that’s when he came over and got down on his knee and asked Taylor to be his wife! She said yes with a mouth full of fries!

“It was hilarious and so raw. Who knew Chick Fil A would be the key to my heart!!”

Taylor and Johnathan welcomed a set of twins into the world back in November of 2016. They weren’t sure why God chose them to be parents when He did, especially since they were not married. However, “We thank Him everyday because it not only is a joy to be parents to Madynn and Tristan, but it brought Johnathan and I closer than ever. I finally get to marry my middle/high school sweetheart!!”










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