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Since I love planning and decorating for celebrations, my best friend’s sister (MOH) let me and another bridesmaid help plan and decorate our fav bride-to-be’s bachelorette weekend. So for all of those Maids of Honor and bridesmaids who aren’t a big fan of planning and being organized, hopefully this guide will help you! Especially if your bride chose the same location we did.

Sarah picked the location of her bachelorette weekend (Folly Beach/Charleston, SC) and the flamingo theme with “The Last [flamin] Before She [go]es!”, everything else was left in our hands! So let me first set the stage and tell you that the whole weekend was also themed to be like the show The Bachelor/ette and she received ‘date cards’ to tell her to get ready for  certain events.

Friday: Departure + Check In

We all surprised Sarah at her house before we left town to give her her first date card. We prayed for safe travels and hit the road for Folly. On the way to Folly we took a pit stop in Charleston to walk the market and grab lunch at Queology Barbeque. Definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in Charleston!

After we checked into our condo, which was SUPER cute by the way, we made Sarah go with a few others to the grocery store while we decorated the whole condo! When they all got back and everything was unpacked she came in to another date card and get ready for a shower. We spent the first night in playing games and showering our bride-to-be with love and panties!

Here is a link to the condo we rented!

Shout out to Mrs. Walsh (a bridesmaids future mother-in-law) for the cupcakes!

Saturday: Brunch + Beach

Everyone woke up to brunch Saturday morning, Sarah got another date card during brunch to get ready for a day at the beach. We all packed our bags and put our sunscreen on for a day of relaxation on the beach.

Saturday afternoon Sarah received a date card telling her to get ready in white to make the memories last! We surprised her with a photo session on the beach with all her girls!  I had linked up with Abby prior to our weekend because we were already in a Facebook group with a bunch of other photographers and build a social media relationship! I was excited to meet her and have her capture our time with Sarah on her bachelorette weekend! Check out Abby’s blog post here!

Abby Waller Photography

Abby Waller Photography

Abby Waller Photography

At the end of our session, Sarah received yet another date card for a night on the town with her flock! If you’re in Folly Beach, I totally recommend Loggerhead’s Beach Grill. Their food was absolutely delicious! Plus they are the first place I’ve found to offer a “Lava Flow” since I went to Maui, Hawaii in 2014. It’s basically a pina colada with a strawberry syrup poured in – DELICIOUS! So that won me over instantly.



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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day. 

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