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I have a lot of habits of cleaning and staying organized (hello type 1 on the enneagram) but I’m sharing my 5 daily habits to keep your house tidy! Keeping your house clean and tidy can be tedious but can have so many benefits. If you get in the habit of doing these tasks every day, then you’ll find your home always ready for visitors and you’ll feel happier. Those are two really good benefits alone! The more you practice each habit (focus on one at a time) the more they’ll become instinctual and you won’t even realize that you live a tidy life. I promise the more you do them the easier it becomes to always have a tidy house. 

If you’re not one to live a tidy life already and you want to change that then I challenge you to take 1 or 2 weeks to focus on one at a time. Be aware of what you’re doing now and keep doing it until it becomes something you can’t go on without doing. If you need help or struggling or even if you find something else to be helpful in your journey to a tidy house then shoot me an email or find me on social media!  @theheatheryvonne 

Start your day by making the bed

Now I’m a huge fan of pillows but I love the look of fewer but bigger pillows. This makes making the bed easier. Simplify your bedding whether it be with fewer pillows or using a bigger duvet so you don’t have to tuck in the sheets every single day. If you think it’s a hard task (like you really hate it and don’t think you’ll ever do it) then once you complete that task then you’ll be able to tackle anything on your list! Everything else will be easier. Start your day with a pretty bed, tackling the first thing on your list and you won’t be stopped. 

Nothing is stored on the floor 

When it comes to storage, don’t keep anything on the floor. Use shelves, drawers, cabinets or even baskets but don’t store it on the floor. Things stored on the floor can actually get dustier faster, they can obstruct your walkways, and can make a room feel smaller. Those things can’t make you feel happier, obviously. A mess can make you less in control of your space and you don’t want clutter to take over your happiness.

Clean or “reset” your space every night

Take two weeks and solely focusing on cleaning up your kitchen and living area before going to bed every night. It takes 10 minutes and sometimes less but before you go to bed every night put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, clean off all countertops, put away any trash and just straighten up the rooms. You’ll wake up with a clean bed and a clean kitchen and living room. 

Everything has to have a home 

Designate a home for everything in your home. Cleaning supplies, light bulbs, batteries, papers, etc. Everything outside the normal/obvious locations (dishes belong in the kitchen, laundry detergent in the laundry room, etc.) should have a home. For example, if you have a specific box/drawer for nick-nacks (some people call this their junk drawer) once that spot is completely full and you can’t possibly fit anything else, that’s your queue to go through it and throw away anything that can be thrown away…don’t create a second junk drawer. The less clutter that’s visible to the eye the tidier your house will feel. Even if you have a basket full of medicine, the basket in the closet/cabinet appears cleaner than a bunch of medicine bottles freely stored on the shelf.

Clean as you go

Anytime you leave a room take something with you to put away. If you opened up a package in the living room and then you head to the kitchen to make a glass of water, take the trash with you on the way to the kitchen. Create efficiencies in the way you move through your home. This can have the biggest impact on your habits of tidiness. Anytime you move from one room to another ensure there isn’t something you can take with you that belongs in the room you’re going. But don’t take something with you to just lay it down and clutter that room, make sure it actually belongs in that room and it’s stored in it’s home.

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