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So you’re getting married?! YAY! It’s about time, right? Well before you get head deep in wedding details (as exciting as they are), let’s talk about ways to prepare for your engagement session. This is such a special season, you want to make sure you capture every memory possible. 

Some people don’t realize that your while you’re looking for your wedding day photographer, the majority of the time they will offer an engagement session in their package. I highly recommend booking your engagement photos with your wedding photographer. This gives you (and your photographer) an opportunity to get comfortable and connect with each other prior to your big day, making for an even better photo experience on your wedding day.

From a photographer’s perspective, we understand that you two don’t typically stand in front of a camera together often. That you might feel a little uncomfortable with posing, kissing or even being yourself in front of someone you just met. That’s why it’s so important to spend that time with someone is as equally invested in you and your story as you are. Your wedding photographer should encourage that time together to coach you through the awkwardness so that come wedding day, you can be as happy and in love, as you can and not worry about how you’ll pose for your portraits. 

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Since this will likely be your first time in front of a camera with a professional, let’s talk about ways to prepare for your engagement session so you can get the most out of your images. 

Location. Location. Location.

Location is key and it helps set the scene of your engagement pictures. Do you have special access to an otherwise closed off plantation or old historic site? Think outside the box. Think about what you really love as a couple and your favorite things to do together? If you delight over snuggling on the couch and cooking together, maybe an at-home session is right for you. Are you an adventurous couple who spends your weekend hiking or exploring a new city? Set your engagements in the forest or on a mountaintop. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite activities and make sure your outfits match the style of the scene.

Pick out your best and favorite outfits

Ask your photographer for suggestions, send them your ideas so they can help you. Be true to yourself and style as possible. Choose outfits that make you feel like a million bucks because then your images will look like a million bucks. Wear something flattering to your figure and if you’ve never worn it before make sure you take it for a test run (any excuse for another date night, right?). You don’t want to put on a new outfit the day of the session and realize it’s too tight or clingy in an area you’re self-conscious about.  I totally recommend my ladies wear something flowy, long and elegant and my guys to wear layers. A sport coat and slacks can go a LONG way when paired with a floor-length dress and heels! 

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Consider professional hair and makeup

Professionals know what they’re doing, they understand that a little extra layer of eye shadow and false lashes pop on camera. Your normal day to day makeup routine just won’t work. Trust the professionals. If you feel super confident in your hair and makeup skills you can veto this option. Take this opportunity to do a test run with your wedding day hair and makeup stylist! 

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Clean your ring!

That bling on your finger is about to shine and have super close up attention.  Make sure it’s cleaned and free of scratches and dirt. The last thing you want is your beautiful ring to look dingy next to your polished new outfits and freshly painted nails! Speaking of nails, don’t forget to pamper yourself the week before your session. You’ll want your nails to look as good as your outfits too!

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Bring something extra 

Many people often to forget about the extra details. Whether that’s a statement piece in your wardrobe like a scarf, velvet hat, duster sweater, a bow tie for him an extra statement can go a long way. Other items you could bring to help make your session feel more elegant and editorial could be flowers, a picnic basket or a cute bicycle! The more extra pieces you bring the more variety you’ll get in your images. 

best of engagements with HYPimages out of Charlotte

Open mind 

Lastly, be open-minded. We all know this is not your normal outing so give yourself a little grace to learn and go with the flow. If you communicate that with your photographer they’ll likely be more forgiving with the poses and ideas during the shoot. As long as you’re having fun and you enjoy your session then you’re going to fall in LOVE with your final images! 

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