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One of the things I did when I started my business was track all of my jobs and payments in an excel spreadsheet. I’m kind of a spreadsheet queen and I have lots of them that I may share with you all one day. But for now, I want to tell you the best thing that I did at the beginning of my business was signed up for Dubsado!

I needed a way to send contracts, invoice and collect payments, send out questionnaires, keep my template emails and view my calendar all in one place! I was using multiple systems and programs for each of things. I signed up for a free trial with Dubsado and learned the ins and outs of the CRM. Now there are several popular CRMs out there and I’m sure they are all wonderful in their own ways. I’m not knocking them down but I AM raving about Dubsado because it’s what I’ve used for almost two years and it just gets better and better as they grow!

As I learned the system not only did it allow me to do all the things mentioned above but it also AUTOMATES my workflow and sends emails for me! What a dream come true!! Some of my absolute favorite features that Dubsado has include:

Lead Management
I can keep track of all new inquiries and where they are in my customized process flow

I can embed a code on my website that will automatically input the client information to the program so I don’t have to

Payment Processing
I can send out invoices, collect payment, create payment plans and schedules.
The system will send auto reminder emails to my clients about upcoming payments.

Contracts and Forms
My contracts can collect e-signatures. I can send over quotes and proposals.
You can send over proofs and questionnaires to your clients
Your clients can even upload a document to send back to you on your forms

Dubsado even keeps track of all of my transactions and automatically categorizes all incoming transactions.
Set goals and have a quick glance at how your entire chart of accounts.  

Client and Project Management
I can keep track of all of my projects/jobs in one view so I can never double book ever again!
My clients have their own custom portal where they can access their contract, invoice status and incomplete questionnaires.
My custom workflows can be easily set up and applied to each project so that everyone has a consistent HYP experience.
My iCal, Google and Outlook calendars are all in sync so my clients have full transparency of my availability.

I am able to automate email responses to leads.
You can customize a workflow for all kinds of projects that will automatically send out contracts, forms and payment reminders.
I also have to-do reminders set up to send me an email and remind me when I have an action to take.

My Dubsado account is also integrated with my iCal, Google, Stripe, Quickbooks and Cloudspot!

As you can see the features are endless and absolutely amazing! If none of this doesn’t sell you on the fact that you need a CRM (and you need Dubsado) then I don’t know what will. Their customer service is absolutely amazing and they are implementing new features almost every week.

If you ARE sold and want to sign up right away then follow this link to get 20% off your subscription. You can sign up for a free trial first and there’s no time limit on the free trial (which was great for me), so you can take your time to learn all the features and then add your first three clients as a trial!!!

One day I’ll share my workflows and template emails that I use to create all of my automations and how I set up Dubsado for my business to run for me! Use this link to get on the waitlist to be the first to know when I share my spreadsheets, workflows and system tips!!

Quick Pro tip: Add your mom/spouse as a practice run and test your entire workflow, payments and questionnaires before adding a real client 😉  I charged my mom $6 for a test run.

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