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We started a new blog series this fall for the chance to share more about other “Friendors” (wedding vendors) in the Charlotte area!   As small business owners we all strive for word of mouth referrals. Then this idea popped into my head to help educate clients and those recently engaged to hear a little bit from different types of vendors other than photography!  

Most of the vendors you’ll hear from in this series I have either worked with already or have met and become friends with but haven’t worked with YET! I’m so excited to see what they share and hopefully this little blog series helps someone find the perfect vendor dream team for their big day!  

Troy and I first met in 2018 when I was second shooting a wedding with my friend Cathy Durig. He told me about his monthly meetings for other vendors and I was really intrigued to attend and learn more about “Lunch and Learn” events. Over the years we’ve helped each other, worked with each other on weddings and other events he’s hosted. 

Troy is not only a great friendor and encourager  but also a pretty genius entrepreneur and runs a bomb a$$ DJ business. Carolina DJ Professionals is a well rounded and phenomenal charlotte wedding dj company that gives you more than just a dj experience but a friend. Of course he was the first I thought of to get an expert opinion on why professional DJ’s are better than family friends and a few tips when picking out your wedding music. 

What are some tips you’d give couples when they’re picking out their wedding music? 

Picking the music for your wedding is obviously an important element. It should also be one of the most fun parts of your day! There are a few things you should think about when trying to come up with the music for your wedding. These are all things we cover in-depth with our clients during our planning, but here’s a few bullet points to get one started. 

·        Think about your goal for the night with music. Is it to hear your favorite tunes, get people dancing, or a blend of both? If a blend of both, keep in mind who your “dancing crowd” is and what music genres may appeal to them. 

·        Give some details to the DJ as to why songs are important. This is something we discuss with all our clients. Giving a little bit of information on a song will help personalize your night more and create those special moments. Things like “it’s the song my Matron of Honor and myself used to sing together as teenagers,” or “this is the Father of the Bride’s ring tone,” or “this is from the bachelor/bachelorette weekend,” or “this was playing when we first met,” are just a few examples. 

·        There’s a place for everything with music. Whether it’s requested music from your guests that you may or may not want to hear, your favorite music that you can’t dance to, your parent’s first dance song, your other half’s favorite music that you can’t stand, or your favorite TV show theme song together – there’s a place for everything in the night. It’s all about where and when it’s played and how it’s presented. And these are things we go over with you as your DJ!

·        Lastly, requests and your Do-Not-Play-List. Requests can be a good thing…or a bad thing. Requests can be a good thing in that it’s music your guests are asking for and could potentially get a good response. Although it could be a bad thing if it’s a song that only the person requesting it likes, or it’s something you hate. Make sure to talk with your DJ on how you want requests handled, or how they would handle them. Requests coincide with a Do-Not-Play-List. Think about the songs, or genres, you absolutely do not want played. This is just as important as your Must Plays. It’s also something your DJ should talk about with you. Sometimes songs you may not want get requested by very important people and it’s important the DJ handle correctly. Think about if the Mother of the Bride, or Great-Grandmother who traveled 10 hours to the wedding, wants to hear the Electric Slide…but it’s on your Do-Not-Play-List. This is one example where discussing how to handle Requests and Do-Not-Plays come in handy! 

These are a few of the thoughts that go into picking the music for the night. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that you and your guests have not just a memorable night, but a personalized one as well! 

Thank you Troy for sharing your wisdom and keeping the music business alive and well in the Charlotte metro! Make sure you follow Troy’s business, Carolina DJ Professionals and if you’re interested in his services you can contact him via his website contact page or via email. 
Email: Info@CarolinaDJPros.com


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